Friday, 25 November 2011

The One Where The "Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music..Ahahhha"

Soft launch has started. Typical of me, I "had to have" everything I needed BEFORE I even started. Spent 2 hours at the Nike store (this should be a good indicator how vested I am with the next 1 year - to spend 2 hours SHOPPING. 100% for effort). Will detail out my shopping experience and my thanksgiving lunch in the next posts. Right now very excited about my achievement for the day. I hiked and walked for what was the most picturesque 3.5 kilometers.(Pictures below) Hope I got the math right, for everyone here talks in miles! We were scheduled to go to Napa for wine, but just as we were leaving home, my 8 year all nephew threw up. My brother in law and I quickly bolted the stables and walked for 1.5 hours, and came back when everything was magically calm :)
Many hours later, as I write this post, my knees are sore..Don't blame them. Carrying my weight for 1.5 hrs, is a bit much.. even by my high exacting standards.
In other news, Fed Ex won the masters. Super end to the season.

The Cayoteeeeee
And Onward We March, The Hill Awaits

My New Shoes...wait for it....and Socks! Nike I love You

After the Hike. Any Thinner?

A fake smile, as I kept a close watch for the Snakes to peep out

As I write this post, the Christmas Tree at home is being put up. A quick snapshot of Santa's Favourite Helper, in camouflage lest we get clues how to get to the North Pole! 


  1. woohooo!! good stuff Megha, great pictures - great shoes !! waiting for ur next post :) And yes i do think u look a few inches thinner..WAY TO GOOOO!!! Khanna & Mendonza

  2. Keep it up! Your blog is already fun, and I am looking forward to following your journey...jealous of your time off, too!

  3. hey! i'm 9!! not 8!