Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The one where life is great!!

So it was weigh in day today! And I have lost 3kgs (6.6 pounds) - I weighed myself last Monday. And today, Wednesday morning, the scale smiled back at me! (God is also smiling) Got to love it. I think the positive energy toward the scale paid off! Sent in my weight to "A deliberate life" for the 100 day challenge. Looking forward to see her post tomorrow.

In other news: My knee is still sore. Didn't do too much in my morning session. Knee was tender. Will put in more effort this evening. Also waiting for some juicy tennis to start. Next slam only in May. But there's Dubai coming up :)

Onward we go to another week!

One point at a time..

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The one where it's all taped up

Yup, my knee is in a sock kind of a cast. Not good at all. this evening I didn't go near any machines. Just the pool. Did 20 laps in an hour. Maybe the step class made it sore. I'm pissed.
Total steps - 6813.

One point at a time..

The one with the knee jolt

My left knee was not cheerful yesterday. My McCutie trainer, told me to stop working out and to meet an Orthopedic. No! this couldn't be happening. I was really upset. Didn't of course let McCutie know that I was this upset. Sucked it in, and went to meet the doc. Verdict in - have an inflammation on the left knee. No running, deft no treadmill, and watch the exercises. One week later, if knee is still sulking - blood tests and MRI are in store. Shit on toast, if you ask me. So upset. Anyway, McCutie has now personally banned me from all machines for cardio except the arc trainer. (thank you sweet lord!!) The one on one training continues (today he worked on upper body, core and very little on knees). Swimming is on. So I'm now doing one hr of swimming, 30 min on arc and walking as much as I can. My knees seem to love the step class, and I have zero pain on that. Stranger things have happened! So doc gave a green for step class once a week.

Total steps - 6,850 (can be better, but spending time in the pool)

I also checked my weight. I'm thrilled!! For some stupid reason I thought weigh in was today(100 day challenge). But it's tomorrow. So will update tomorrow. But I'm smiling - knee or no knee :)

One point at a time..

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The one where I'm tripping and picking myself up

So the past two days have been a series of "I don't know what", Didn't eat well at all. By that I don't mean I went overboard, but just the opposite. Hardly ate and didn't drink water at all. So I know how bad that is. And this eating by 6.30pm is a bit of a killer. I had zero energy at the gym this morning. And my trainer was not the happy camper. As patient as he was, I was mad that I wasted an hour that I could've done so much better.
And sleep is being elusive. And again, I know that's not good. I'm going to try this 6.30 thing for 2 more days, and see how I do. If I can't hold up, I'm going to drop it.
So in all did 1 hr with trainer - Upper body and knees. (knees still acting up - frustrating). And went back in the evening for cardio.
Total steps 9592. Not my best. but picking my self up.

Feb 8th is day after! fingers crossed.

One point at a time.

Friday, 3 February 2012

The one with the good day

Yesterday was a good day.
Firstly - I had a good work out with my personal trainer for 1 hr, then went into the pool for another hour. And went back to the gym in the morning for cardio on the machines. Did 25 min on elliptical, 30 min on arc trainer, 10 min on treadmill and 5 min on bike. And luckily for me my trainer was around during my second session as well, and he helped me stretch. That's painful but super good stretching. The kind of pain you love to feel!

Total steps - 14,920. :)

Weighing myself tomorrow to just see how it's going. Have to send in my weight to "A deliberate life" on 8th of Feb. Just a quick check. I've been working extra hard at my food and workout, after the roadblock of the "lovely" scale. Pushing myself HAAAARD. I'm so tired that I fall asleep by 9pm.

And stuck to my no dinner after 6.30pm (ya, 6 is just when I come back from my second session at the gym). It's got to all add up and delight me when I get on the scale of Feb 8th. Looking forward!! :)

One point at a time..

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The one where I start to accessorize

So my new thing for this week is Aqua Aerobics and swimming. Spent 2.40 hrs in the pool today. Felt super. Great workout. 1 hr of aqua aerobics, and 1.40 of doing laps and learning freestyle (breast stroke not good for my lower back! Dang! the one stroke I knew well).My swim coach says in 4 more classes I should be able to do full on laps with freestyle. And aqua aerobics is twice a week. So that's a good mix for the week. 1 step class, 2 aqua aerobics classes, cardio every day, weight training 3 times a week. Love the accessories! Yay!

Keeping a watch on my food. I read Kalli Puri's book. And the biggest take away from it:
- no food after 6pm. I'm going to stick to this. Today I cheated a bit, ate one orange. But from tomorrow, my "steel curtain" is not only going to be 1500 calories a day, but also that the "steel curtain" comes down at 6pm.

Today was my day of Sabbath, so didn't do my walk. (I work out of Sundays.) I'm thinking of investing in a scale - I'm not sure I want to rely on the gym for accuracy!!

8 business days for Jillian Michaels to arrive. Counting down..

Total steps - 1785

One point at a time..

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The one where I'm raising the bar!

Total steps 21,712.

Yes, that's right! Today I had an exceptionally good day at the gym. Worked on my butt, core and over all metabolism with my trainer for an hour. Did one hour of a step class. And in the afternoon I went back to the gym for 1.15min of cardio. As much as I tried to look away from the elliptical, it was calling out my name, so I said, what the hell. Let me indulge it one last time. Like just before you dump someone. The one last indulgence before the bomb drops. Did one hour of interval training on it, and 15 min on the arc trainer. This is going to be the very last time I'm going to spend an hour on the elliptical. My trainer was mortified to find out I did one hour on ONE machine. I have been instructed, no more than 25min on one machine.
And new development, my knees are so out of whack, that I've been banned from the treadmill and stair climber. That leaves elliptical, arc trainer and the bike. I'm thinking about my couch to 5k. Was all ready to start week 2. Have to check if I can run in the open.

I had a package in the mail for me. One of the books I ordered came in. Not Jillians. But this one's called - confessions of a serial dieter - Kalli Puri. She lost 40 kgs(88 pounds). The book has come highly recommended. Looks juicy as well. Will keep you updated.

The 100 day challenge is keeping me going. Weigh in on Feb 8th. A week to go. Chris is doing a fantastic job with it. The questions, emails - are all so encouraging. She's brilliant. Way to go Chris!

I've been thinking my blog is pretty boring. Just the kind of blog that Jack says is one dimensional... I'm going to put in more effort to get it going. Not just for the people who are reading it, but also for me. After all I am worth it! :)

One point at a time..