Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The one where I'm raising the bar!

Total steps 21,712.

Yes, that's right! Today I had an exceptionally good day at the gym. Worked on my butt, core and over all metabolism with my trainer for an hour. Did one hour of a step class. And in the afternoon I went back to the gym for 1.15min of cardio. As much as I tried to look away from the elliptical, it was calling out my name, so I said, what the hell. Let me indulge it one last time. Like just before you dump someone. The one last indulgence before the bomb drops. Did one hour of interval training on it, and 15 min on the arc trainer. This is going to be the very last time I'm going to spend an hour on the elliptical. My trainer was mortified to find out I did one hour on ONE machine. I have been instructed, no more than 25min on one machine.
And new development, my knees are so out of whack, that I've been banned from the treadmill and stair climber. That leaves elliptical, arc trainer and the bike. I'm thinking about my couch to 5k. Was all ready to start week 2. Have to check if I can run in the open.

I had a package in the mail for me. One of the books I ordered came in. Not Jillians. But this one's called - confessions of a serial dieter - Kalli Puri. She lost 40 kgs(88 pounds). The book has come highly recommended. Looks juicy as well. Will keep you updated.

The 100 day challenge is keeping me going. Weigh in on Feb 8th. A week to go. Chris is doing a fantastic job with it. The questions, emails - are all so encouraging. She's brilliant. Way to go Chris!

I've been thinking my blog is pretty boring. Just the kind of blog that Jack says is one dimensional... I'm going to put in more effort to get it going. Not just for the people who are reading it, but also for me. After all I am worth it! :)

One point at a time..

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