Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The one where I'm "Personally Trained"

So yesterday I had the personal trainer kill me. This was a trial session and it was bloody good. The best part of it were the stretches.. My hamstrings, butt and calves were in sweet pain.. I'm going to work with him for one month. My knees need some help, and he's promised to get them better. Helps he's easy on the eye as well!
Did a step work out class as well yesterday. Was sweating bullets. And my cheeks were all flushed. How I love that feeling!
I'm signing up for Christine's 100 day challenge. ( Though calorie counting in India is a bit of a challenge, but I know what my daily food should be (as advised by the doc) So I'm using that. It's exciting. To have a group working on this. Thanks much Christine for this!!
Yesterday didn't clock kilometers as it was 2 classes.
Steps - 12126 for the day.
My gym has their own radio station, and they keep saying this over the radio "Motivation gets you started, habit keeps you going". True story.

Aus Open Update: Fed and Nadal meeting again (27 time). Semifinals. Thursday. Fingers crossed. Hope Fed comes through.

One point at a time.

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