Friday, 20 January 2012

The one with the peeping tom

The day before, I met 2 people who I have not met in a while, and both didn't immediately say "wow, you've lost weight".. was disappointed to say the very least. But I did get, "you're looking relaxed, your face looks thinner, and your skin is looking good"..but this came much later.. so don't know if it was for real..
So yesterday took a sneak speak into the scale.. yes.. I'm headed the right direction. I know I'm supposed to weigh in only on Monday, but just needed to do it for reassurance.
Yesterday's steps - 11,873.
Did 1 hour on elliptical and clocked 8.1 kilometers (5 miles) at a resistance of 4.
Next week I'm going to try something new. Every alternate day I'm going to up the resistance by 1. So alternate day I'm building muscle, and the other days I'm doing hard core cardio.
I had a fitness assessment at my gym yesterday. My knees are not the greatest, and because of my core being weak, my lower back is not 100%. They are developing a program for me, and I get to do it with the personal trainer on Sunday morning as a trial. They asked me what my fitness goal was. So again, very surely, I put it out there in the universe.
To lose 20kilograms (44 pounds) in 6 months. Get my core fit and back 100%. And knees in A OK condition.
To break it down further, I will lose 1kg (2.2 pounds) a week. Workout 6 days a week. Swim every alternate day. And do a minimum of 5 aerobic/dance classes a week.
Eat normal food, that I can continue even after the weight loss is done. Something that I can sustain life long. But portion control. Eat them vegetables. Eat them fruits. And no carbs after 3pm(new rule). Drink 3-4 liters of water a day.
I'm following what I learnt in business school. Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS). Work week by week. Don't look 6 months down the line, or one month down the line. Focus on Monday - Monday. Measure my vital stats every Sunday. Weight every Monday. And I should be home. Like the tennis players play the game. One point at a time. If you look at the 5 sets even before finishing game 1, you're in trouble. As they say - one by one.
Follow this to the T, and I'll be the Roger Federer of weight loss :) :) who btw is in the 3rd round of aussi open!  My picks are all doing well this year. Hopefully we'll have a good week and a half at the first grandslam of the year.

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