Thursday, 19 January 2012

The one where I'm talking to myself

Everyday I seem to have so many conversations with myself about losing weight, that if people could hear the voices in my head, they would be like wow.. we have a chatterbox in the house..
I'm constantly telling myself, one kilo at a time. Not to expect overnight miracles. It took me 34 years to put this much weight on, I should be able to give myself SOME time to lose it! Simple right. NOT in my head though!! I'm my personal shrink :) and I do a pretty damn good job of it :)
Anyway.. I had a decent day yesterday.
Total steps - 10,758
Elliptical - 7kms(4.3miles) in 1.05min with a resistance of 4
Didn't do too much yesterday. But I'm good. Going forward I'm won't put up what I'm going to work out the next day. I'll take it as it comes. But the one hr on the elliptical is non negotiable. 

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