Thursday, 26 January 2012

The one in which I have my heart broken...AGAIN

Roger Federer lost his match. Nadal won in 4. What a heartbreaker. Every time they play each other, it's HIGH stress levels for me! This time was no different. 3 sets into the match, I decided, that's it. I'm going for a walk. And I'm glad I did. Went to a lake near home, and was treated to the most beautiful sunset ever. It was sublime. Stopped to watch ducks meander around. Peaceful actually.  Pictures below.

Today the gym was closed for Republic Day..but I had 100 day challenge and had to do my walk. Bright and early, went for a walk, did some jogging.. and clocked 7000 odd steps in 1 hr of waking up!! I ate under 1500, trying trying.. didn't do great on water either. Not going to the gym just disrupts my schedule!! And bloody hell, they are closed on Saturday as well - the monthly maintenance day!!

I've been reading so many blogs, articles for 2-3 months now - I've come across some interesting/soul searching truths. One that stuck on was how fat people are basically addicts. And not lazy and stupid. We're addicted to food and it's a health hazard. Exactly like alcoholics and drug addicts. But we're mocked, finger pointed - and right to our faces. But we never make a joke about a druggi to his face. His becomes a serious concern. Anyone can explain why the difference in treatment? Fat people have health issues - life threatening ones, they are dealing with demons in their head. So why the difference. Reading all that I have, I still have not found the answer. More than a penny for anyone's thoughts.

(Interesting that I vacillate between "we fat people" to "they fat people") Anyhoo..

Total steps for the day - 17483

One point at a time...

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  1. Lovely Pics! :-)
    Yes, what you say about 'fat people' and the stigma they are associated is very true... And I'm looking for the answers on the same line to...