Monday, 23 January 2012

The one in which I'm loving Mondays!

Weigh in Monday! yay!! lost 1.5 kgs(3.3pounds) in one week. Like a reward for all the work I put in these 7 days. It does pay off!
Today was Day 2, Week 1 of Couch to 5k. Ran better today. More confidently. Started off as a jog, and 10 minutes later, I was running. Running like I meant it. I'm sure there was a lot of fat jiggling, and there were people around(thin women, and fit men), but I didn't stop to think.
Total steps - 16, 400
Walked/couch to 5k - 11.5 kilometers(7 miles). My trainer killed me a bit on the elliptical. Moved up resistance to 8. It's all going to pay off! :)
Target for the week - 1kg loss(2.2 pounds). Looking forward to next Monday.
Fedex progressing at the Australian Open. In yesterdays post match interview, he did reiterate, he played one point at a time. Was focused, and didn't even remember the game that was the turning point.
I'm reading everyone's blog, learning/getting inspired/and keep telling myself...

One point at time..

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