Sunday, 29 January 2012

The one with my first roadblock.

Shit day today - realized that I had been weighing myself on a faulty scale all along.. Only to be told by the trainer.. and now, wait for it.. I weigh 81 Kilos (178pounds).. So pissed and demotivated..had to pick myself up(with a little help from my friends), and snap out of Rafa, I'm going to fight to the end.. Tomorrow is a new day, and I start again, will weigh myself a fresh tomorrow AM, and post weight and start tracking it. Have to let know. Tomorrow. After weighing in. Bloody hell.
And Rafa lost an epic final. But in my head he still one. What a fighter. A true champion. Djoker - just don't like him - too in your face aggression.. takes the spirit of the game away.
Day 1 of my personal training. Did circuits. Will be good for me! I'm positive and I'm a believer of sending out the right message into the universe. And the entire universe will conspire to make it come true.
Went back to the gym in the afternoon to do cardio. Finished week 1 of couch to 5k today :). and did half hour of the elliptical.
total steps 12,020.
Water - 3.5 liters
Food - 8 (on a scale of 1-10, how I did. 10 of course being the best)

The Australian Open comes to an end. Will continue to track the regular ATP tournaments.

One point at a time

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