Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The one in which I magically reappear!!!

Back home after my long 6 weeks vacation in not so sunny California! Miss it, but it's very good to be back home. I've started my exercise routine, and it's a lot of challenging stuff - i'm making it fun!
I'm going to start clocking my exercise routine here and I have a separate food journal - apparently it's 80 %  what you eat and 20 % how much you work out. So the food journal is very indepth.

Yesterday I had a very good workout.
Did 5 kilometers(3.1 miles) of walking on treadmill and elliptical,45 minutes of aerobics, and 1 hour of swimming where I did 10 laps of the breast stroke. My breast stroke is not the greatest, but it's still an exercise. I'm going to start taking freestyle classes from tomorrow.
Total steps - a whopping 13590.

Looking forward to today's workout. I plan to do 1 hour on the elliptical, 1 hour step workout and 1 hour of zumba. This is going to be my first zumba class ever. Very excited!! I'm going to aim to do a pilates class as well.

Over the weekend I did some intensive yoga classes and I nearly died!!! That was a sloooow and painful death! but loved it.

Weekly weigh in for me is Monday. Yesterday the digits looked good. I've lost some weight while on vacation.I'm now at 78 kg,( 171.6 pounds). Hope to lose 2 kgs this week. My target weight is 57. Have a long distance to go, but will get there!!

In other news, I'm still jetlagging. I wake up everyday between 3-4am (like right now!), and leave for the gym at 5.30am. By 8pm I'm so tired, yesterday I slept at 7.40!! technically I got my 8 hours of sleep.
Oprah came to India!!! and I didnt get to meet her!!!!
Anyone following the Australian Open? I'm rooting for Fed and Clijesters. 

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