Monday, 30 January 2012

The one in which I'm regrouping

So after yesterday's drama, it was time to regroup. Even though the scale was messed up, I feel so much healthier. More energy, and my clothes are fitting better. So it's only a matter of time when the digits on the blasted scale will change. Actually let me change that.. when the digits on the lovely scale - I'm not going to be negative about the scale. Sending it positive energy.. universe is working..tick tock tick tock..

Today I did my own cardio mix - 10 min on the arc trainer(my first time), 20 min on the treadmill, 10 min on bike 10 min on the stair climber (first time again). Going to mix it up. My body is getting used to the elliptical - might have to put an end to my love affair with it, will see it sometimes, but not an everyday addiction.

I'm just not happy with the way I'm eating. Nope! not that I'm eating too much..Just the opposite. I feel I'm not eating enough. Bought eggs tonight. Going to start with egg whites tomorrow. I read in someone's blog - you know you have water retention when your socks leave an imprint. And today my feet had imprints. Checked online - apart from drinking more water, apparently a low cal diet also leads to water retention. Another reason to eat better. It's all a full circle. Everything adds up, and weight loss, exercise, water, food, sleep, good EQ - all follow the 6 degrees of separation. All connected, and all contribute to making our lives thin and healthy!

I placed an order for "how to lead an exceptional life" Jillian Michaels. Read again on someone's blog, that this helped a lot. I've been reading so many blogs, at times I get the people all mixed up. But my favourites are Jack, Chris, Dawn and Lucy(who started it for me!).

Total steps today - 12,242.

One point at a time,

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  1. I see the arc trainer everyday at the gym (I too have a love affair with the elliptical!!) and get so curious! I'll have to give it a go. :>

    I have been eating scrambled egg whites and they're soooo good. Can't taste the difference!