Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The one where I start to accessorize

So my new thing for this week is Aqua Aerobics and swimming. Spent 2.40 hrs in the pool today. Felt super. Great workout. 1 hr of aqua aerobics, and 1.40 of doing laps and learning freestyle (breast stroke not good for my lower back! Dang! the one stroke I knew well).My swim coach says in 4 more classes I should be able to do full on laps with freestyle. And aqua aerobics is twice a week. So that's a good mix for the week. 1 step class, 2 aqua aerobics classes, cardio every day, weight training 3 times a week. Love the accessories! Yay!

Keeping a watch on my food. I read Kalli Puri's book. And the biggest take away from it:
- no food after 6pm. I'm going to stick to this. Today I cheated a bit, ate one orange. But from tomorrow, my "steel curtain" is not only going to be 1500 calories a day, but also that the "steel curtain" comes down at 6pm.

Today was my day of Sabbath, so didn't do my walk. (I work out of Sundays.) I'm thinking of investing in a scale - I'm not sure I want to rely on the gym for accuracy!!

8 business days for Jillian Michaels to arrive. Counting down..

Total steps - 1785

One point at a time..

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