Sunday, 5 February 2012

The one where I'm tripping and picking myself up

So the past two days have been a series of "I don't know what", Didn't eat well at all. By that I don't mean I went overboard, but just the opposite. Hardly ate and didn't drink water at all. So I know how bad that is. And this eating by 6.30pm is a bit of a killer. I had zero energy at the gym this morning. And my trainer was not the happy camper. As patient as he was, I was mad that I wasted an hour that I could've done so much better.
And sleep is being elusive. And again, I know that's not good. I'm going to try this 6.30 thing for 2 more days, and see how I do. If I can't hold up, I'm going to drop it.
So in all did 1 hr with trainer - Upper body and knees. (knees still acting up - frustrating). And went back in the evening for cardio.
Total steps 9592. Not my best. but picking my self up.

Feb 8th is day after! fingers crossed.

One point at a time.

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