Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The one with the knee jolt

My left knee was not cheerful yesterday. My McCutie trainer, told me to stop working out and to meet an Orthopedic. No! this couldn't be happening. I was really upset. Didn't of course let McCutie know that I was this upset. Sucked it in, and went to meet the doc. Verdict in - have an inflammation on the left knee. No running, deft no treadmill, and watch the exercises. One week later, if knee is still sulking - blood tests and MRI are in store. Shit on toast, if you ask me. So upset. Anyway, McCutie has now personally banned me from all machines for cardio except the arc trainer. (thank you sweet lord!!) The one on one training continues (today he worked on upper body, core and very little on knees). Swimming is on. So I'm now doing one hr of swimming, 30 min on arc and walking as much as I can. My knees seem to love the step class, and I have zero pain on that. Stranger things have happened! So doc gave a green for step class once a week.

Total steps - 6,850 (can be better, but spending time in the pool)

I also checked my weight. I'm thrilled!! For some stupid reason I thought weigh in was today(100 day challenge). But it's tomorrow. So will update tomorrow. But I'm smiling - knee or no knee :)

One point at a time..

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