Friday, 3 February 2012

The one with the good day

Yesterday was a good day.
Firstly - I had a good work out with my personal trainer for 1 hr, then went into the pool for another hour. And went back to the gym in the morning for cardio on the machines. Did 25 min on elliptical, 30 min on arc trainer, 10 min on treadmill and 5 min on bike. And luckily for me my trainer was around during my second session as well, and he helped me stretch. That's painful but super good stretching. The kind of pain you love to feel!

Total steps - 14,920. :)

Weighing myself tomorrow to just see how it's going. Have to send in my weight to "A deliberate life" on 8th of Feb. Just a quick check. I've been working extra hard at my food and workout, after the roadblock of the "lovely" scale. Pushing myself HAAAARD. I'm so tired that I fall asleep by 9pm.

And stuck to my no dinner after 6.30pm (ya, 6 is just when I come back from my second session at the gym). It's got to all add up and delight me when I get on the scale of Feb 8th. Looking forward!! :)

One point at a time..


  1. Wow- I am super impressed with all of your workouts! Way to go!

    1. Thanks Alissa.. Something's got to give! love your blog! :)

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