Friday, 16 December 2011

The One In Which "I Have Blisters On The Soles Of My Feet, I Can't Walk But I'm Tryingggg"

Yesterday was day day 1 of pedometer.
Steps walked - 10,705
Distance - 3.71km or 2.3 miles.
1 hour on the treadmill.
3 liters of water
all carbs before 7.30pm

Wanted to do another hour on the treadmill, but the attack of the blisters, and it's a kill joy. Blistering Barnacles!! So don't think I can do too much of the walking today. Bummer - since that's the only form of exercise! I'm going to tape it up today and hopefully with one day rest, the feet will be good to go tomorrow.
My nephew reminds me, every time I eat a biscuit,"that's 60 cal, you should avoid it." And he's only 9..
"Out of the month of infants..."
Not sure I can do 10,000 steps today. I'm going to sure try! 

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